Android App: Square Footage Master

Friday, April 15, 2011

Square footage is a key aspect of homes and properties – and often it’s either inaccurate or not noted at all in an MLS description when you’re talking about individual rooms and outdoor spaces.

As a Realtor, I’m sure you’ve found yourself reaching for the tape measure with clients on more than one occasion.

Now, if you have the right app, you can just reach for your phone. I recently discovered an Android app called Square Footage Master that can help finesse the square footage question. You can use the app with or without an actual tape measure or laser ruler.

Here’s how it works:

Camera Ruler
The app comes with a camera ruler, but to use it you’ll need to set it up by measuring two values first. Have someone help you capture these two distances with a tape measure or ruler:

Camera height: Hold the camera at eye level and measure the distance between it and the floor.

Camera-to-wall distance: Hold the camera as if taking a picture while standing with your back against the wall. Measure the distance between the camera and the wall behind you.

Once you get these two measurements, you can input them in the Settings menu from the app’s home page.

Body Ruler
It’s a good idea to also take the time to measure your different body dimensions. If the app knows that your foot is 8 inches from heel to toe tip, then you can use your feet to get a wall measurement.

Square Footage Master is pretty robust in the way it can save your data. You file measurements by rooms and rooms into a house.

The app costs $2.99 and is available at the Android Market.

It requires work (with the calibrating) to get it running right, but it ranks high as an app that you have a real-life use for once you learn how to use it. The developer, Ying Wen Technologies, has a great online tutorial with screenshots that will give you a detailed view of all that the app can do.

Give it a try and maybe next time you can leave the tape measure at home.



(Taken from Cool Apps.)

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